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Re: Fitness Checkin

So... Some of you may recall that way back in 2006/2007 I embarked on a diet journey that, in a year's time, had me losing 115 pounds and putting me back at my high school weight of 185... I was in the best shape of my life..

I kept it off for several years, but over the last two, it has crept back on to the tune of almost 70 pounds... Lots of emotional eating, stress and lack of meaningful exercise.

BUT... I have recommitted myself to losing it and getting back into shape.. My doctor has me on some medication that is helping with the cravings and I'm back to exercising twice a day (lunch/after dinner)...

Since I started for real two weeks ago, I have lost 11 pounds and am losing inches on my waist (my pants rejoice!!)...

This time there are no costly plans or funky shakes... Just me, natural, non-processed foods eaten in moderation and some damn determination to lose 50 pounds by March...

Here's hoping!!!
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