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Re: TP: Seize the Fire by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

This week I reread Seize the Fire and enjoyed tremendously, just as last time.

The Gorn receive well-reserved expansion, and a good one at that. Another plus was the continuity with The Gorn Crisis, though I haven't read that yet.

TTN is still my favourite series because the characters are memorable and because I love the species diversity. Not until I began reading this series did I notice how infested Starfleet was with boring Humans.

I can't escape to notice that TTN's modus operandi is to encounter a (seemingly) pre-warp culture in peril.

Having read STF again, and being in great anticipation of The Poisoned Chalice, I might go back and reread all of the TTN novels. Hopefully the series continues after TPC.
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