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Re: Casting a Gender-Switched Enterprise

I don't know, Shat. But see, the cuteness is just the beginning of it, isn't it? OK, now ... are you ready for this:

Cute Kirk transforms herself into Hot Kirk, all tarted up in a tight, short skirt. She approaches Keeler and Spock, fully aware and expectant of what's about to transpire: seizing the opportunity to
enter STAR TREK into the realm of The Sci-Fi Musical!

SPOCK: (Upon seeing the tarted up Kirk) ... Captain!
KEELER: I got the chills ... and they're multiplyin'! It's electrifyin'!!!
KIRK: (To Ed Keeler) You better beam up ...
KEELER: I better beam up!
KIRK: ... because I need a man ...
KEELER: You NEED a man!
KIRK: ... and my heart is set on you!
SPOCK: But, Captain - the past we must undo.

(Then, all together, dancing to the beam-up point):
Woo-Hoo-Hoo ... HONEY!!!

Hey!!! You know what? I'm liking this idea ... another good reason for watching!
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