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It occurs to me that in some ways, this version of Sherlock Holmes was more like the original in the past but has now grown beyond it -- he used to be a consulting detective in London and dabbled in drug use, but then the drugs got out of hand and now he's gone through rehab and started a new life and has reformed some of his old ways, at least to an extent. Mycroft seems to be portrayed similarly -- he used to be fat and lazy, according to Sherlock, but now he's remade himself. So these Holmes brothers are like an evolution beyond the canonical ones, in a sense. So the characteristics they had in the canon inform them without limiting them.
As another not-steeped-in-canon like Spot's Meow (but familiar through early reading), I like this interpretation. Also agree Ifans' recent episodes been hugely enjoyable. Have loved watching him and Miller together (and Liu). Last ep was a fun Trek-nerdout with Sadler and Biggs. I was convinced Biggs was going to be the bad guy .
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