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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@ Mytran

I seriously think you should open a new thread about the forced perspectives in the general section, others might find this topic equally interesting. Maybe someone gets in touch with CBS-D and they fix some of the worst offenders for TNG remastered while they still can.

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I guess there's no sense changing the routing of the intermix system just because a long corridor was in the background. Probert's drawing shows it going up, the markings on the hull seem to correspond to the location of it.
Thinking of myself being a Probert fan I find this entire situation absolutely uncomfortable. Andrew Probert himself criticized the blue corridor, so what we have is a contradiction between the production designer's intent (and cutaways ) and what the actual footage tells us.

Then we have the issue of the actual length (even at maximum forced perspective Illusion) of the horizontal intermix shaft before it splits to feed the nacelles which also supports the "relocation" of the shaft further to the stern.

And last but not least, we do have the issue of where the turbo shaft coming from the narrow connecting dorsal enters the engine room level...

I'm afraid the only practical location will be the outermost bow of the engineering hull where the intermix shaft is usually assumed to be. I'm working on an accurate reproduction of the TWOK torpedo bays and I think can already state that the intermix shaft would have to be located behind the back wall of Torpedo Bay Section 2 (docking port vicinity).

According to the current state of research Matt Jefferies envisioned the vertical intermix shaft to be near the stern while Andrew Probert put it at the bow. It's not a relief, but I think one could say that relocating it in-between those two would be a somewhat acceptable compromise, IMHO (since I revere both gentlemen).

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Of course the main thread is about the TOS Enterprise, but... do we *really* need to rethink the entire secondary hull of the TMP ship because of *one* shot where they use the long-ass hallway with the set extension? Is that what we need to be tied to?
Interestingly, you'll find the same active guys participating in TMP Enterprise related issues to be equally active when it comes to the TOS Enterprise.

I really hated the idea to relocate Probert's intermix shaft but for the aforementioned reasons, I'm running out of good excuses. Forced perspective or not, the blue corridor at the bow is there (also in TWOK though only in a short scene with a shorter corridor) and inevitably pushes the engine room further to the stern.

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