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Re: United Trek Story Archive

Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead
by Michael D. Garcia

The stories of the USS Farragut under Captain Krystine Leone and her colorful crew, doing their part of keep the Federation safe and secure. Set during the Star Trek: The Next Generation era and all available at Ad Astra.

- Damn the Torpedoes! (na)
- Damn the Torpedoes! Part II (na)
- Damn the Torpedoes! Part III (na)
- Milk Run (na)
- Eternal Midnight (na)
- A Great Perhaps (na)
- The Unreturned Prodigal (na)
- Timing, Degree, and Conviction (na)
- Turbulence (na)
- The Better Part of Valor (na)
- The Chains of Error [Gibraltar crossover] (n)
- Task Force Vanguard: To Triumph and Not To Mourn (na)
- Enjoy the Ride (ss)
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Now with a complete United Trek story archive.
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