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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

I love this thread, love the work, but excuse me... I think trying to fit in that long, long blue corridor in relation to the exit of engineering is probably a waste. There's so many other beautiful problems to solve and *one* shot where there should have been a stub of a corridor a curve... well, I guess there's no sense changing the routing of the intermix system just because a long corridor was in the background. Probert's drawing shows it going up, the markings on the hull seem to correspond to the location of it.

Of course the main thread is about the TOS Enterprise, but... do we *really* need to rethink the entire secondary hull of the TMP ship because of *one* shot where they use the long-ass hallway with the set extension? Is that what we need to be tied to?

Just a thought. Love the possibilities. Love the thread =).
"If you need a holodeck to make an interstellar starship on the bleeding edge of the unknown
interesting, something is seriously amiss."
- Straczynski & Zabel
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