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Re: RoboCop: The Series

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Which DVD set have you got? Mine is a PAL Australian release, so it's probably only the PAL distributors who've made the mistake when authoring the sets, accidentally presenting the two episodes the wrong way around. Doh!
Mine is, I believe, the Canadian release, which is inexplicably mistitled RoboCop: The Beginning.

As you say, having now watched "Officer Missing", I agree it is clearly 'Part 1' of a two-parter that is concluded in "What Money Can't Buy", as it features the same family with the sick kid. It also sheds more light on why the Chairman is kind of swinging behind the kid's recovery in "WMCB" (namely, the chance of securing the patent).
Well, it's more than that. "Officer Missing" is basically about Robo and Diana pulling a Christmas Carol gambit on the Chairman, showing him the error of his Scroogelike ways. The Chairman is a product of the "greed is good" corporate culture that spawned OCP, to be sure, but he's basically decent and has a compassionate side, even if it's sometimes blinded by his pursuit of profit and his isolation from the ordinary people who pay the price for OCP's policies. I liked the relationship between him and RoboCop. The Chairman is one of the few people in this continuity who knows that Robo is Alex Murphy, and one of the only people aware of Diana's existence, so he's a confidante for both of them, sometimes an ally, albeit sometimes an unwitting adversary. I liked how "Officer Missing" established the relationship among them.

Christopher, are there any other multiple-part storylines later in the series I should watch out for? Just in case my DVD set has got them the wrong way around as well? Of course I have a preference to watch the episodes in the correct order if I can.
No, there are no more 2-parters, although there are some character threads that develop over non-consecutive episodes. Here's the episode order for the rest of the series:

6. Ghosts of War
7. Zone Five
8. Provision 22
9. Faces of Eve
10. When Justice Fails
11. The Human Factor
12. Inside Crime
13. Robocop vs Commander Cash
14. Illusions
15. Tin Man
16. Sisters in Crime
17. Heartbreakers
18. Mothers Day
19. Nano
20. Corporate Raiders
21. Midnight Minus One
22. Public Enemies
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