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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

I really don't like all this messing around with old movies or tv shows. Why can't we enjoy them as they are, they are documents of their respective times!

I mean, do we really need to bring everything up to todays production standards? Surely some old books cannot keep up with todays use of language, but does any sane mind would want to have them re-written?
You can keep right on watching your old versions if you choose. Personally there's a LOT of things they could fix.

Like that ship that attacked the Enterprise in "The Survivors" it looks SO fake.

Also they could improve the few battles we saw. For example in "Yesterday's Enterprise" was a great battle sequence, but it's so static, they basically stand still and shoot 2 phaser beams.

Just imagine if they redid those shots and make it look like a REAL battle, how much more they would enhance the episode.

Not to mention smaller things, like the quality of the planet graphics (compare planets shown in Season 2 to Season 6, HUGE difference)

I think TNG will eventually do get remastered, since I think once they have a TOS-R DVD Set it will fly off the shelves. TNG will be the same, and I will be a customer once it happens.
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