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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

drasche said:
One day, we will all watch all series (and movies) on a Holodeck.

I hope I will still be alive by then.
I hope I don't. If the trend continues, Star Trek and all its incarnations will be remastered to death by the point that holo technology will be available for the average viewer.

I really don't like all this messing around with old movies or tv shows. Why can't we enjoy them as they are, they are documents of their respective times!

I mean, do we really need to bring everything up to todays production standards? Surely some old books cannot keep up with todays use of language, but does any sane mind would want to have them re-written?

I wouldn't object to TNG/DS9/VGR in widescreen, thought. But only if it was completely unchanged ... no new FX or other fancy "improvements".
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