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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

DizzyMan said:
Doug Otte said:
In one of the previous threads about this topic, somebody posted a shot of a replicator from TNG. The shot was re-used in the Enterprise finale, and it was in widescreen (approx. 1.85:1, I guess) and showed that its use in TNG had been cropped on the sides. So, I guess the original shots were filmed wider than we saw, and could be used to create widescreen episodes.
Not necessarily. If the original shot was a panning shot where the camera moves to one side after showing the replicator working then they could easily create a wide shot from the footage (by stitching two screen caps together).

They're the same shot - it pans away from the replicator and across Ten Forward. The "Enterprise" episode uses the TNG shot and replaces some of the foreground elements.
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