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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - Kitumba

Just to clarify a point....

I think James Cawley admonished us Phase II team mates from any more public rants and contributing to any flame wars. I don't think it was some kind of general prohibition on people from Phase II ever posting on the TrekBBS board--well, unless of course, the postings are always public rants and or flame wars, in which case, I guess the member is indirectly being instructed to never post here. (If there actually was some kind of "no more posting of any kind on TrekBBS" memo that went out to the Phase II team members, James Cawley elected not to include me in the distribution list.

I think sometimes members' gruffness is perceived as an attack when it's actually simply a "not-incredibly-flawless-and-absolutely-perfectly-respectful and polite" disagreement.

"The sky is medium blue."
"Well, I think the sky is actually light blue."
"How dare you attack me and my position like that!"

No doubt actual comments on this board are less "cut and dried" than the above example. But not only are members always encouraged to "don't poke the bear" with their comments, members are also encouraged to, well, be people, instead of bears. No trolls or bears allowed, please!

Loken wrote: View Post
And Doubleoh is now the reason why Phase II will no longer be posting here. His constant attacks and need to hijack every single thread for his own lengthy and boring attacks and explanations make this forum not worth the effort for those of us who actually DO something in this hobby. James Cawley has said no more posting here because of the nonsense and he is the boss.

So congrats Doubleoh, you have screwed everyone here by chasing off the people who readers actually want to hear from. Not you and your attacks and constant need to prove how smart you think you are, but people with real information who actually make fan films.

So folks, if you want to find out about what is happening in Phase II you will need to go to the forums there. Here is our website. We have a new website coming in the next few months as well, or follow us on Facebook.

Phase II is done with these forums.
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