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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - Kitumba

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doubleohfive: I don't appreciate my private Facebook messages to you being posted like that on the Trek BBS. Those were sent to you as a courtesy and should be respected as such.
Noted. You are of course, quite right and I do apologize. However at the time Alec's assertions were being broadcast for one and all to see, I felt it was my only recourse to prove my point. As the original posts in question had been deleted, there was no way to reference them, either. To my knowledge messages on Facebook don't fall under any privacy rules here on this BBS, however I will promise not to share any future communications with you this way again.

This is a reminder (admonishment?) that the TrekBBS board has the following rule (available in our FAQ file):

“Privacy Issue - Private Messages, Chat Logs, Names, etc.

“On the internet, a person's privacy is very valuable. Unless a poster has made it clear they don't mind, you can't post any details of their real-life identity on the board. You also cannot post material such as chat logs, emails, private messages or messages from other message boards - without the consent of all involved parties.”

(I think this rule was written before the advent of Facebook and Twitter, but I think few would argue that the Rule should be construed as not applying to Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.)

For what it's worth, in the "unless a poster has made it clear they don't mind" category, folks have standing permission to repost any comments I make in any forums or message boards (and, yes, to include Facebook and Twitter) without first securing further permission from me. (I always write for the record unless I (rarely) explicitly include some kind of "not to be quoted" disclaimer.
Noted. My logic on the matter is as stated above, up to and including the fact that Captain Atkin is a public figure in the fan film community. As stated previously, Alec was leveling false information here that impugned my character and as the posts proving it had been deleted by Captain Atkin himself, my only proof lay in those messages. I understand that the "no private messages" rule now applies not just to TrekBBS but to all websites and I have promised not to do this again.

You can expect a PM from me about other matters pertaining to this thread.
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