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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

Doug Otte said:
In one of the previous threads about this topic, somebody posted a shot of a replicator from TNG. The shot was re-used in the Enterprise finale, and it was in widescreen (approx. 1.85:1, I guess) and showed that its use in TNG had been cropped on the sides. So, I guess the original shots were filmed wider than we saw, and could be used to create widescreen episodes.
Not necessarily. If the original shot was a panning shot where the camera moves to one side after showing the replicator working then they could easily create a wide shot from the footage (by stitching two screen caps together).

Doug Otte said:
Who knows if the additional info in all the footage is "clean" though (no booms, wires, etc.)?
That wouldn't be such a big deal. If there were boom mikes, cables etc in the footage, it would only be in a few shots, it certainly wouldn't be the norm. And wires and boom mikes are extremely easy to remove from the picture under normal circumstances. There are very few types of shot, and very few types of object, that would be hard to remove. In rare cases when something heavily obstructed a very complicated background that could not be recreated from any source, then you could always crop the shot down as a last resort. But there aren't going to be that many very difficult scenes.

I'm not holding out much hope for there being any 'missing footage' from the sides of TNG though. Unfortunately, it's just too fanciful to be true. But if it was true, I would be so excited about it. It would make TNG stunning to watch. Certainly, the Enterprise D was made for widescreen. Ten forward was made for widescreen. Everything was! (Apart from the Borg cube )

I know people argue that it was never intended to be seen that way, and the compositioning of the shot will not be true to the director's orders but I say "to hell with the director's orders!" A widescreen TNG would be amazing. Babylon 5 was never intended to be seen in full widescreen, but the widescreen DVD is amazing. (B5 was filmed in widescreen.) If B5 can do it, TNG certainly can.
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