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Re: My thoughts on DS9

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I can see where DS9 already had the Bajorans as victims of the Cardassians, and there was some storytelling overlap between the Maquis and the Bajorans.
Which is actually an interesting element. We could've had dissidents of the Bajorans joining the Maquis to train them and put the Federation and Bajoran governments at odds. This would mirror how the French trained the American Colonists on how to fight the British. A wrinkle that shows the lack of unity among the Bajoran government and puts their membership in the Federation in peril. It would tie "the Circle" story line with the "Maquis" story line.

There was a lot of potential. That's what makes it so frustrating. Instead, the Maquis doesn't do anything by the time Eddington comes around that wasn't done in TNG's Journey's End. It's a starting point. "We want to go home!" Maybe they could've showed some former Maquis colonies and how the Maquis treated those that left their organization. They could've had a terrorist attack that looks like the Federation was involved in aiding the Maquis that puts the Cardassian peace in jeopardy. They could've had the Maquis change their mission, allying with the Federation, and they teach the Federation how to fight a terrorist battle.

I'm doing this off the top of my head. I've thought about it no more than 10 minutes. But it just seems to me that what they did wasn't interesting enough to devote so much time to it.
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