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I'd like to direct you sometime, Nick. Actors seem to like me because I'm always trying to get them to I give really oddball direction about the feeling I want from the scene as opposed to telling them how to say the line.
I'd like that. I often feel I don't get the sort of direction I really need, and get left to my own devices. As a result, I regularly end up looking at footage and wishing someone had told me to do things differently (different emotions, less wooden, less over the top, etc, etc).

No doubt, you'd kick my ass, Maurice.

Actually, I'd really like to do some acting workshops and classes, but that's not terribly likely.
Actually, workshops and classes are a good idea. I have an actor friend who's been on Grimm who told me he's in an ongoing class/workshop which completely changed his approach to acting for the better.

As to direction, I like to cast against type to get actors out of their comfort zone. And I always encourage actors to give me something other than the obvious. Playing angry as angry isn't as interesting as playing furious buried under a veneer of cheerfulness, for instance.
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