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Re: PS4 and Xbox One Launch Thread

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No, they don't need to update them just to turn them on, as faras I'm aware, they will work out of the box but they will be missing some of their features.
Actually, the Xbox One does need the day one update to be able to do anything, and the box comes with a warning that an internet connection is required for it to work. The PS4 can play singleplayer games without its update, but little else. It can't even play DVDs without it.
Ah, of course. I forgot about that with the Xbone. I had read the PS4 worked for single player out of the box, didn't realise it was so barebones on the software front without the update though.
Apparently you can download the patch on a PC, put it on an USB stick and install the patch from the USB stick on the PS4...
Another + for Sony...
And reports of bad PS4s should be taken with a grain of salt...
There might be MS/XB360 fanboys spreading false reports...
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