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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - Kitumba

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No one was banned from the new Starship Exeter Facebook group. I deleted a few negative posts, and contacted the people who posted them to explain why. That Facebook page was set up to honour the work of the Staship Exeter team, and not to give people a soapbox to argue about things that had no bearing or relevance to the Exeter films. The rule of thumb at that Starship Exeter page is a simple one: play nice, or go home.
Thank you for clarifying what actually took place rather than letting Alec's propaganda continue to fester. Gratitude.

doubleohfive: I don't appreciate my private Facebook messages to you being posted like that on the Trek BBS. Those were sent to you as a courtesy and should be respected as such.
Noted. You are of course, quite right and I do apologize. However at the time Alec's assertions were being broadcast for one and all to see, I felt it was my only recourse to prove my point. As the original posts in question had been deleted, there was no way to reference them, either. To my knowledge messages on Facebook don't fall under any privacy rules here on this BBS, however I will promise not to share any future communications with you this way again.

For accuracy's sake, you deleted the comments and only responded after I messaged you to inquire why this had been done. This "I deleted comments and then messaged privately to explain why" is misleading on your part as that is not what actually transpired.

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