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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - Kitumba

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You know I have strongly disagreed with some folks in the fanfilm circle but most of them have been very civil, so I do not understand this high schoolish need to get digs in on people you disagree with. It's possible to address matters without making it personal, surprising as that may seem.
I, for one, didn't make it personal. I posted legitimate concerns about Alec's editing choices - which is pretty much my right, since he is editing my story. Finding out here that he chose even 5% of Vic's editing choices alarmed me. I said nothing about him, just his actions as he posted them. I did later call his actions "ballsy" but that can be construed as either a compliment or a negative thing, depending on your point of view.

Clearly, I never indicated in any way that I had any inside knowledge of what was going fact, I stated I could make this opinion about Alec's edit because I was not part of the producer's group at Phase II.

I appreciate Alec saying this is one of the best episodes. I put a lot of heart into writing it. JML had two rough drafts in script form - where he told the story of Kirk being sent in to try to educate the naive child emperor and stop a potential war. The Klingon culture was based on fuedal Japan and didn't jell with what we learned later. (this was supposed to be the "first glimpse" into the Klingon culture)

I changed it to a completely different story. And, clearly, I had to change the Klingon culture and history to jell with the feature films and TNG etc. In fact, this episode now explains what happened to the TOS Klingons to turn them into the feature film Klingons we now see.

Yes, Kirk still goes on that mission but - well, no spoilers. Things are not as they appear.

And I think that this episode has some of the best acting I've ever seen from James and Doc John. Maybe others, but those two blew me away.
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