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Re: PS4 and Xbox One Launch Thread

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The key thing that many people on gaming sites are missing with the Blue Line of Death is that there's a difference between early failures in an electronic product and longterm failures, and that those two things are not necessarily connected (although they could be). Early product failures are usually due to issues with the manufacturing process where a certain percentage of units are always going to be defective. Those defective units will fail early, but the non-defective majority should have a normal lifespan if the product itself is well designed.
Good point. Nevertheless, it sucks for those who ended up getting a defective one. Hopefully Sony can quickly address the issue for those that were hit with it.

So, from what I understand, something in the way the HDMI cables interact with the TV was changed with the latest update that caused damaged PS4s to have problems such as freezes and being unable to boot up.
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