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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - Kitumba

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Maybe you just stop attacking me every time I post. How about that?

We are all tired of your antics. You got posts deleted and you were almost banned on another forum for the same exact behavior. Maybe learn a lesson and back off.
1) What attacks?

2) We BOTH had posts deleted. This selective re-writing of history that you do is becoming quite tiresome also, never mind intellectually dishonest.

3) I was almost banned from another forum? This is news to me. CaptainAtkin (the admin of that forum) assured me he doesn't "pick sides" so I can only assume you are once again reverting to your pathetic bullying and scare tactics. Funny how, once again all these friends of yours who you claim to whisper with about how awful I am never seem to show up to back up any of these outrageous claims you make.

4) So long as I abide by the rules of this message board, I will share my opinions as I see fit.

5) Once again, you disregard anything else I've said, in favor of simply crying foul and playing the victim. Zero accountability for anything but praise. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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