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Re: Pon Farr in Trek lit

I've always wondered what would happen if, say, a vulcan kid was raised by humans/romulans/etc and never suppressed their emotions. Would they still experience pon farr if they experienced emotions like non vulcans did? Its just that from what I've read I don't think that the pre Surak vulcans experienced pon farr (and romulans don't), so I'm wondering if at this point its caused by the emotional suppression. The vulcan's minds are so powerful that the physical side effects like possible death could be an unavoidable mental thing, not something that is a predetermined biological function, so maybe a modern vulcan who doesn't surpress emotions wouldn't experience pon farr. I know I've read in books a few vulcan/half vulcans who didn't do any emotional suppression (although I can't quote specific examples), but I don't think it ever came up. Its just something I think about whenever the pon farr is brought up.
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