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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Watched the Music discussion feature after the Documentary last night and that was a lot better than the art direction panel in Season 4. We always get things from the writers point of view, so to have a documentary about the music and the problems that the composers had with Berman and the higher ups was really interesting to hear, especially Ron Jones who out of the three were really critical of how they were treated.

I couldn't help but agree with what he said, considering that while I'm a Star Trek fan, the music on the various series (including the original) is either really bad or just plain boring or cheesy. Yeah you have some good music here and there, but overall, especially in DS9, the music was like annoying background noise rather than something that enhances the scene.

My only complaint about this feature was I wish they showed clips or played some of the musical cues they were talking about. Right now, I think the episode I'm looking forward to watching again in this set is Power Play, because Chattaway (Who didn't even speak in the first 30 minutes) said it was one of his favorite cues.

I also agree with them about the soundtracks in movies being so bombastic. I was reminded of when movies used music really well and how they made scenes memorable, like in Jurassic Park. One of my favorite scenes in any movie was when they first land to when Hammond says "I'll show you". It was an epic scene mainly because of the music that played with it. I can't recall a movie in the last 10 years where I had that same feeling and that's a shame.
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