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Re: College Football 2013

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Is there a more snakebit team in college football than Georgia?
Speaking strictly of high stakes games that mean the difference between playing for a championship and being an also-ran, perhaps not. But, if we're talking about the 2013 season in general, you'd need only look at the Bulldogs' SEC East foes for that answer.

-It wasn't Georgia who fumbled the ball into the end zone in OT in Knoxville.

-Aaron Murray is the only starting QB in the SEC East not to miss a start due to injury. Tennessee and Florida both are down to their 3rd string quarterbacks. It's a hard thing to ask of a 3rd stringer to come in and win anywhere in college football, but this is especially true of the SEC.

-Florida is going through the pains of their longest losing streak in more than 30 years. Remember when Mark Richt was the one on the hot seat a few years ago? Looks like Will Muschamp has that spot occupied now.

-Missouri is just as bad about squandering the spotlight as Georgia, blowing a 17-point lead against South Carolina. They'll be fortunate if that loss doesn't end up keeping them out of the SEC Championship Game, especially with Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M awaiting them in the reg. season finale.

Just trying to keep things in perspective. But, yes, it's a heartbreaker for anyone to put forth the kind of effort that Georgia did to come back in that 4th quarter, only to be thwarted by a reenactment of the Bluegrass Miracle from 2002.
Well yeah I'm also remembering that ill advised catch by Murray's receiver last year inside the ten yard line against Bama that caused the clock to expire.
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