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Re: PS4 and Xbox One Launch Thread

Bob The Skutter wrote: View Post
No, they don't need to update them just to turn them on, as faras I'm aware, they will work out of the box but they will be missing some of their features.
Actually, the Xbox One does need the day one update to be able to do anything, and the box comes with a warning that an internet connection is required for it to work. The PS4 can play singleplayer games without its update, but little else. It can't even play DVDs without it.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Yeah, this isn't a scandal. The Xbox 360's initial failure rate was a scandal, since that was at least 20% and possibly over 50%.
The Xbox 360's initial failure rate wasn't that bad, roughly 1.5% of consoles failed within the first 24 hours. It was the longterm failure rate that was appalling. The RROD was primarily an overheating problem where the GPU was running so hot that it was causing micro-fractures in the solder connecting it to the board, with the board itself warping in some cases. That was a problem which came about only with extended use and wouldn't have caused problems for most people in the first week.

The key thing that many people on gaming sites are missing with the Blue Line of Death is that there's a difference between early failures in an electronic product and longterm failures, and that those two things are not necessarily connected (although they could be). Early product failures are usually due to issues with the manufacturing process where a certain percentage of units are always going to be defective. Those defective units will fail early, but the non-defective majority should have a normal lifespan if the product itself is well designed.

The BLOD, if it's a bigger problem than Sony are saying right now, is probably due to manufacturing issues that Sony can address on their end. The RROD was a design problem that required a product redesign to properly fix. It's far too early right now to tell if the PS4 has a similar design problem, we'll only find that out with time, early failures cannot reliably predict that.
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