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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - Kitumba

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Actually, my first comment (which I edited) was one of support to you, Alec, pointing out how you had been quite regularly updating this thread about this edit for months and how silly it was that Andriech was raising a stink about it.
Actually you accused me of "bragging". I don't know in what world you think that is "support".
So? In my opinion that's precisely what you do. You brag. The point, which you missed (in favor of playing the victim, again) was that I was telling Patty to lay off and that you had been pretty upfront about what you'd been doing with Kitumba for a while now.

And since this thread was started THIS week, your facts are, as always, wrong.
Sigh. I've been off the board for awhile, largely becaues of unreasonable people like you. Fine. It wasn't in this thread specifically. But there are other threads where you have blathered on and on about what you're doing with Kitumba, most notably the thread where we last argued about whether or not Vic Mignogna would be credited for his work on the episode.

So, one fact of mine, not wrong. I wonder if maybe there are more?

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I will not comment on the "attack on the other forum" as you
Perhaps you would do well to follow your own suggestion instead of leveling cruel insults at Andriech.
And in what world is pointing out that a person is no longer part of a production, "cruel insults"?

As always, you instigate trouble and then try and feign innocence. There is a term for that on the Internet, it is TROLL.
1) This is the second time you have accused me of being a troll, an action which is in clear violation of the rules of this board. If we're including oblique potshots, it's the third time. You've been here long enough to know that you're not supposed to do this.

2) You could have easily made your point to Patty without airing Phase II's dirty laundry about her being released in such a low-class way. Professional production indeed!

3) I won't deny that sometimes I might be guilty of instigating trouble. But I have capacity to acknowledge it when I'm wrong. What you conflate into these paranoid delusions of grand attacks against you usually stem from simple questions posed to you that you for some reason are unable to ever answer. (your overreaction in the Fan Filmmaker Association thread, the bungling of whether Vic's being credited, etc.) In each case you swoop in looking for praise and when you don't get it, the only response anyone can get out of you generally devolves into some paranoid delusion about how everyone's out to get you, complete with over-exaggerated missives ("...your facts are, as always, wrong.") or petty high school bullying and immature tactics . Never in my life have I seen someone so utterly incapable of answering a simple question.

So, stop. Just stop. The pattern is tiresome. The arguments are tiresome. You are not above criticism. More importantly, just because someone offers a comment, critique or complaint about you it does not always mean they are attacking you maliciously.

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