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Re: Arrow - Season 2

My first reaction upon seeing the mask was that it was dumb and unnecessary, that the face paint is much cooler and no less revealing. Then it occurred to me that the mask is basically the same as Banderas' Zorro one (minus the head-covering kerchief), and I made my peace with it. There's really as much Zorro in this show as there is in Batman, which I definitely dig.

Samurai8472 wrote: View Post
Thanks to Bat-Kid, there's no crime for the Green Arrow stop.

Awesome thing for the cast to do.
That is cute, yeah, but I hope the kid isn't actually watching the show!

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Felicity can't be interested in Oliver... She just detests Isobel.
Guy, I am shocked. What about her "long game to marry a billionaire"?!
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