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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - Kitumba

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Actually, my first comment (which I edited) was one of support to you, Alec, pointing out how you had been quite regularly updating this thread about this edit for months and how silly it was that Andriech was raising a stink about it.
Actually you accused me of "bragging". I don't know in what world you think that is "support".

And since this thread was started THIS week, your facts are, as always, wrong.

doubleohfive wrote: View Post
I will not comment on the "attack on the other forum" as you
Perhaps you would do well to follow your own suggestion instead of leveling cruel insults at Andriech.
And in what world is pointing out that a person is no longer part of a production, "cruel insults"?

As always, you instigate trouble and then try and feign innocence. There is a term for that on the Internet, it is TROLL.
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