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Re: My thoughts on DS9

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I think the weakest part of the series was the Maquis. I have wondered if they intended to split the Federation in half or if they were trying to find a way to fight another war with the Cardassians--the Cardassians are honestly arming the other side and the Federation has no choice but to try and stop them, that sort of thing. It seems to just sit there. They repeat themselves over and over again. I understand that the colonists want to go home, but it doesn't peel the layers like it does with the Dominion.
You can kinda tell the Maquis isn't a DS9 element. It was primarily set up in late-TNG and early-DS9 are a precursor to VOY, but after that series kicks off DS9 is left to deal with it in the Alpha Quadrant. They tried to work with it, but it really did lacklustre.

I wish they'd had the colonists really take a stand and set themselves up as their own independent state. It could have had some interesting repercussions on the station, as well as when the Dominion arrive in the AQ--would they hold out on their own, ally with the Federation, ally with the Bajorans?
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