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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - Kitumba

I ABSOLUTELY approved this direction of the edit and I am eagerly looking forward to viewing the results, so that any notes I may have on the new cut will be implemented. Alec, Mark, and Pony have all been speaking to me throughout this process and in fact the process could not have started without me providing them the hard drives that we retrieved from the director. As always, I have the final word as the Executive Producer. No one other than those I mentioned above has any knowledge of what is being done with the episode. Patty has no information regarding the current status of any Phase II projects as she does not work on the show. There is no need for any of this type of drama and why I do not deal with it, nor get upset with it anymore. If it is not drama written into a script, I do not bother with it anymore, I don't have the time for negativity. Life is too short. On a HAPPIER NOTE, The episode was shot in 2k with a Red Camera and the entire edit has been redone so that it can be presented in 2k! another reason the edit needed to be reworked. Another reason for fans to be happy. Me I will be happy to have the show released and behind me! My Thanks.
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