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Re: College Football 2013

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Is there a more snakebit team in college football than Georgia?
Speaking strictly of high stakes games that mean the difference between playing for a championship and being an also-ran, perhaps not. But, if we're talking about the 2013 season in general, you'd need only look at the Bulldogs' SEC East foes for that answer.

-It wasn't Georgia who fumbled the ball into the end zone in OT in Knoxville.

-Aaron Murray is the only starting QB in the SEC East not to miss a start due to injury. Tennessee and Florida both are down to their 3rd string quarterbacks. It's a hard thing to ask of a 3rd stringer to come in and win anywhere in college football, but this is especially true of the SEC.

-Florida is going through the pains of their longest losing streak in more than 30 years. Remember when Mark Richt was the one on the hot seat a few years ago? Looks like Will Muschamp has that spot occupied now.

-Missouri is just as bad about squandering the spotlight as Georgia, blowing a 17-point lead against South Carolina. They'll be fortunate if that loss doesn't end up keeping them out of the SEC Championship Game, especially with Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M awaiting them in the reg. season finale.

Just trying to keep things in perspective. But, yes, it's a heartbreaker for anyone to put forth the kind of effort that Georgia did to come back in that 4th quarter, only to be thwarted by a reenactment of the Bluegrass Miracle from 2002.
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