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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - Kitumba

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Every single step of the way has been approved by James. And if you actually bothered to read my post you will see where James is getting the edit this weekend to approve as well.

Since you are no longer part of Phase II, exactly for this sort of drama, I would ask that you leave those of us actually doing the work to do it.
I did miss that you were sending J "your" edit this weekend (while he's away working) and I apologize for that. I still think it's ballsy that you actually re-edited what he felt was perfect the way it was. In my opinion it was not only a waste of time, but completely disrespectful of James' work and leadership. A "final edit" is just that. I stand by my statement. The emperor has no clothes here....

yeah, I am no longer part of the Phase II producer's group...for reasons you are not privy to and would never understand. (It's completely unprofessional to imply that you know and "leak gossip" that you invented.) That actually gives me the freedom to comment publicly on stuff you guys post without having to "rep the PR line"..and I will do so when I see fit. But if you think I am not working for P2 in any manner any longer, you are sadly mistaken.

And I stand by my statement about the writer's credit. I'd hate to have the production be embarrassed... I provided an entire list of credits (as was part of my job) for the hundreds of folks that worked on this episode. If they aren't on the episode it's none of my concern any longer - but the writing credit IS my concern. I expect to see that the director's dig was corrected to the accurate credits.
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