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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - Kitumba

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We started with creating an edit using the two different existing cuts, the director's cut, and James Cawley's cut of Acts 1 & 2. 95% of what we chose was from James cut for those acts, which we then made some changes to which streamline and improve the narrative. Acts 3 & 4 were re-cut as well.

uh....wha....? You re-edited the Senior Executive Producer's "Final Edit" of the teaser, act 1 and act 2?! Has something changed so Phase II isn't James' show any longer? Maybe there should be some kind of announcement to that effect...?

In any case, I certainly hope that the writing credit was fixed finally. I would hate to see fans disappointed - or even outraged - when they discover this isn't the JML story. Just his basic premise.
Every single step of the way has been approved by James. And if you actually bothered to read my post you will see where James is getting the edit this weekend to approve as well.

Since you are no longer part of Phase II, exactly for this sort of drama, I would ask that you leave those of us actually doing the work to do it.
And this, folks, is how you run a "professional" production.

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