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Pon Farr in Trek lit

I feel a little bit like Jake and Nog with a copy of Vulcan Slave The Revenge here, but I wondered about what we've seen of pon farr in the novels.
I remember that the slash-tastic novel Killing Time has an alternate universe Spock mating with the Romulan Commander during what I think should be his next pon farr after the tv series. That is something I had thought about recently, what happened with Spock's pon farr between the tv series and STII TSFS. I think after that, his next pon farr would be his marriage to Saavik. Did any of the other novels ever acknowledge the Spock/Saavik marriage outside of the Vulcan's Forge/Heart/Soul series?
I remember that Selar goes thru pon farr in New Frontier starting at the very beginning, and interestingly, Selar has a homosexual brother, and the novel all but says that homosexual Vulcans dont' go thru pon farr. I was shocked by that, but apparently Peter David has established that. I remember that Selar's father had serious issues with her brother having a relationship since he didn't got thru pon farr. I found that really strange, since surely there are logical benefits to a relationship besides pon farr arrangements, and it felt too much like homophobia getting worked into Vulcan, which definitely didn't feel very Vulcan to me. Still, it seemed to follow the pattern of Sarek and Spock where Vulcan fathers are controlling and even illogical in the demands on the son's lives.
I remember there was a pon farr flashback in Vanguard. I'm not sure if T'Prynn did go thru pon farr or if it was just her unwanted fiancee who did. Some excellent stuff was done there with T'Prynn.
Are there any other pon farr stories I've forgotten or not read.
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