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Re: Would you like for Chapel to appear in a new movie?

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As always, let's keep the discussion about movies, characters, writing, and the like, and try not to make this about other fans or fan groups.

Also: Cara007, there had to be a way you could have made your points in this post without resorting to the use of derogatory language, even if not used as a direct insult. Please be more careful about that in the future; any further such instances may result in warnings being issued.
Thanks for the warning. I was not too sure of the other F word, I will be careful next time.

borgboy: No I did not mean any harm. The only reason why I did not use the N word was because it has way more of a bad history especially with slavery. I just thought the word was light years more offensive than the other F word.
I'm not going to debate which word is worse. They're both hateful slurs, and regardless of which word is worse, they're both not appropriate to be used, especially in a public forum.
I'll take your word that you didn't mean any harm. Unfortuantely, sometimes people can offend and hurt other people without intent when they don't think about what they're saying. There are times when I have to put up with that kind of hate talk because to challenge it would be putting my safety and well being at risk, but nobody should have to hear that kind of talk here.
On the subject of gender swap, I remember years ago reading an offical Star Trek short story, not unlicenced fan fic, where the Enterprise crew is gender swapped for some bizarre reason, except for Spock, and it was pretty clear that he was attracted to lady Kirk. I wish I knew what that was from, it would be from the 70s or 80s. I'm amazed that got published, but like the slash-tastic novel Killing Time, these things slipped thru now and then.
I ship a lot of characters. Kirk and Spock, Troi and Riker, Picard and Beverly, Calhoun and Shelby. I'm not quite to the point where I think of myself as a Spock/Uhura shipper yet, but I'm warming up to them. If their relationship is handled well in the next movie I might get there.
Funny enough, I just started watching my new TOS blu rays, and I was pleasantly surprised by how flirtacious Uhura is with Spock in The Man Trap. And then Spock gets borderline emotional when the salt vampire attacks Kirk. Something for everybody
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