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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Wow, you people are all very nice giving me these suggestions. THANK YOU

The Guild: seen a bunch of this, out of order, might make this my next comedy. Gotten back into MMO's so that will add to the fun.

Once Upon a Time: You know who ships this? ADMIRAL HAWTHORN. Admiral Hawthorn converted me to J/7. Her tumblr is full of it and if Admiral Hawthorn likes it then it must be full of goodness. Of course that didn't propel me into Rizzoli and Isles which her tumblr is also full of but I have very little tolerance for cop shows.

Tru Calling: Heard mixed things, not a Dushku fan but don't dislike her, only two seasons, might check it out.

Smallville: HAHAHAHAHA.. oh sorry. Well I did watch several early seasons one thousand years ago when I still watched television and I've never felt the urge to return though a friend of mine said the later seasons were better. But that's what.. 500 episodes?!

Angel: I'm saving this for my massive Whedon rewatch refresh rewhedon phase which is coming up at some point. In the future.

Continuum: Saw it, loved it. That's the kind of show where there is something that makes the shadowy corporate evil perfectly fine, TIME TRAVEL my favorite ever plot. Orphan Black was even better IMO, also was so much more that fighting conspiracies. If you liked Continuum you should check out Orphan Black, one season and renewed for a second.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: This looks excellent. I think I might do this and Once Upon a Time (I'm a little nervous about the latter).

Arrow: My problem is I find fighting crime very dull.

Saving Hope: This sounds godawful. But again, over medical dramas and also over helping people, is this like that piece of crap Michael?!

Lost Girl: I had forgotten about that. I will shortlist it.

The Prisoner: I spent my whole childhood watching this

Also I have never seen The Dresden Files. Is it worth watching?

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