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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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I'm starting to wonder if the Governor is at the prison because he was sent there by his former henchman, rather than because he's out for revenge.
You might be onto something there

That's what i'm thinking too...which made their final scene of that episode with the governor, juxtaposed with the next episode, brilliant directing.

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^That would do it.

I wached the episode twice and both times, the girl at the beginning sounded like Carol. Anyone else hear her? I have a feeling the flashback episodes will end with Carol joining the Governor. She didn't meet him yet but if they get together, and she finds out who he is, would she kill him or learn from Rick and not kill (which would suck in this case).
What was the voice you're talking about, in which episode?

Also, for timing...i think Carol would run into Martinez' group while the Governor is out scouting the prison. If he's still using the pseudonym, Carol wouldn't recognize it's the governor (surely she knows by description). But Martinez -- not sure if he would have stood out and/or Karen would have talked about him much. (Would she have even realized he was alive? Assuming she ran as soon as she knew the Governor drove off, she probably didn't stop to see if there were survivors....or at least just shouted then ran).

Also, from the AMC previews, i wonder if Sam (the guy from episode 4 this season) is involved in next week's episode.

Look forward to the rest of this season.
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