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Re: Star Trek: Excalibur begins production on 1st webisode

The synthesized music isn't my favoritest choice. Being that this is a fan film and being that there is no shortage of officially licensed Star Trek music out there, this original soundtrack is just lacking. (sorry)

Kerezman as the captain is obviously very comfortable in the role. And I like the location used for the majority of the webisode even if it does seem too "20th Century." But I get that it can't be helped, and it's better than shooting it in a basement. You guys outdid yourself with extras and wardrobe and I kind of love that there are still iPads in the 23rd century. Too, the greenscreen work was outstanding.

As a webisode, (and the first one at that) certainly this is an accomplishment. There's room for improvement though (the aforementioned soundtrack, audio issues) but really, from a writing perspective I would have tried to include a few more of the regular characters from the series; as it is I am assuming it will be Kerezman (and only then because I'm somewhat familiar with this production) but the noticeable lack of other characters limited the scope of the story for me.

All that said it's a solid effort and one I enjoyed. Looking forward to more!

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