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Re: Intrepid Updates

Blood and Fire is such a mixed bag. It gets so much right, but then so much wrong. I don't watch these fan films to watch Kirk talking to Klingons on the viewscreen for half the episode. I will say though that Hodell's death was just about the most gruesome thing I've seen in any of the fan films to date, so they got that right (and Nick, you did a great job there.)

As for Hidden Frontier, I liked all of it, but the biggest problem I had with that show was the pacing of their arcs. There was just so much stretching out of everything; I think had there been more of a focus on season-based arcs rather than as one giant series arc over the course of seven years, it wouldn't have tried my patience as much. That being said, there were some really great moments sprinkled throughout - the explosion at the starbase toward the series end, the relationship of Shelby and Hunter, and even getting James Cawley to show up as Calhoun was neat.

All that said, I'm curious as to whatever happened to Rob Caves' plans for the "first" 3D Star Trek fan film he mentioned he was working on a few years ago.

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