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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.

Two teenage boys are told that only they can save the world.

They say no thank you and wander off to get stoned, until one of them "Todd" figures out that joining this Scooby Gang is a good way to seduce the hot goth girl in the short skirt whining on about how Satanists kidnapped her father.

Every episode is about a magic book of pure evil fulfilling wishes that go horribly wrong and inevitably lead to the wishers self-destruction.

In one, the wisher ends up with a 15 foot long penis with a French accent which turns people to stone who look it in the Urethra.


Sleepy Hallow is shit.


The Tomorrow People is dull, drab, beige and shit.


Saving Hope. Daniel Jackson from Stargate loves Lois from Smallville. They're Doctors, there's a car accident, and he's coma boy, but he also has a sectoral avatar wandering the hospital helping other dispossessed souls as the medical drama unfolds on the more solid plane. Greys Anatomy meets Ghost Whisperer.


Saving Grace. Holly Hunter plays a hard drinking, smoking, sleeping around, foul mouthed police officer, who meets a down to earth home spun folksy Angel who suggests that she turn her life around. For that advice she knocks him on his ass.

They have a difficult relationship.


Lost Girl. It's just like Buffy but with a bisexual private detective who eats sexual energy. Lots of kung fu and love triangles. A little edgy, a lot low budget, but they lucked out on having a strong cast.


Being Erica. Neurotic female semi professional gets a new therapist to sort out her life struggles. The therapist is a time traveller and they solve all her internal struggles by travelling back in time to explore her regrets and cock ups.
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