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Re: The Voice (U.S.)

Yeah, today's performance wasn't so great, but I liked her one from last week a lot.

Looking at the ITunes sales, Cole Vosbury is ahead, which I agree with 100%. But Austin Jenckes has the worst sales, which baffles me. He was definitely one of the best few. For me the really horrible ones from last night were Ray Bodreaux, Kat, James Wolpert, and Will Champlin.

I definitely see Matthew Schueler and Cole Vosbury in the final three. The third could be a whole list of people. Caroline Pennel or James Wolpert, probably, maybe Jacquie Lee. Hallelujah is still outselling ALL of this week's performances. Hopefully Blake decides to learn from the weaker performance this week and just let him sing what he wants from here out.

Is Without You really considered such a big classic? I used to be forced to hear it every day when I worked a job that had me in CVSs and Shaws for long periods of time, and it made me near-vomit every time.
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