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Re: Is Watson the most advanced super computer in existence?

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99% of the human population can't sort 10,000 files into alphabetical order in less than a second either, at least by hand.

Computers can. That doesn't mean they're intelligent, it just means someone figured out a fast algorithm to accomplish that task.

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On the other hand, it will take a very, very long time until, for example, a computer beats a human in visual recognition. Because that's what the human brain can do with perfection.
Even that will come in a matter of years, decades at most. Visual recognition is a solvable problem with enough math and computing power.

Machine self-awareness is an entirely different category. It's not clear whether that will ever be possible at this point.
It's not impossible, sure. But a computer the size of a human head being able to do visual recognition tasks as good as the average human, that's a long time away. While the tiniest pocket calculator can perform calculations can outperform any human.

As said above, Watson might be a cool thing, but it also takes 750 servers. A huge space is currently needed for that. Of course this will change, no doubt about that.
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