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Re: Is Watson the most advanced super computer in existence?

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DarthTom, you don't need to mini-mod here.

is probably a bit put off by, to put it nicely, how not very knowledgeable you are about computers and computing technology. You seem easily impressed. Not that it's not impressive, but there seems to be a common tendency to view technology you don't understand as almost magical in nature. You seem very impressed, for instance, by Watson, going so far as to (initially) think it's the most advanced computer in existence. I assume you came to this conclusion due to its ability to beat other Jeopardy contestants, but those who likened it to Deep Blue have it right. Like Deep Blue, there is nothing magical about Watson, it is just a very powerful, highly specialized computer designed to solve one particular task very efficiently. Its existence is more evolutionary than revolutionary. It's not some kind of turning point in AI. It's a notable achievement, but I'm just saying not to make more of it than it is.
I don't possess a degree in computer science and my, 'exposure,' to the technology is limited to using Siri, MS Office for business and work an like most people use computers as tools for work.

So yes - sorry - super computing is exciting to me and I don't understand what happens under the proverbial hood of the car so I ask questions.

Basically: computing power is not what is holding us back from exploring space, and it never really has been. Systems like Watson and Siri are impressive but represent iterative improvements and integration of technologies and concepts that have been around for decades. There is no magic here, just a bunch of real-world reasons why we have achieved some things and not others.
Any computer that can beat a human being at Jeporday - IMO - is an amazing feat considering that 99% of the human population could not beat the flesh and blood winners either.

edited to add: then again I think it was impressive, funny, and sad when I asked Siri Sunday afternoon the Falcons score she said, "The Falcons got 'crushed,' by Tampa Bay...." - obviously someone in Curpertino feeling th need to add that editorial to the socre. LOL

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