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Star Trek: Phase II - "Kitumba" Officially Released!

Here is an update on this episode. Last month I picked up a drive with the Kitumba footage that had been recovered from the director after 2 years, the main reason for the delay in releasing an episode shot 5 years ago. Since then there has simply been little bandwidth within the Phase II team to get this episode finished.

So Mark Lewis, the Post Production Supervisor on Axanar and myself, picked up the baton and spent a few days inventorying what we had and what we needed. We started with creating an edit using the two different existing cuts, the director's cut, and James Cawley's cut of Acts 1 & 2. 95% of what we chose was from James cut for those acts, which we then made some changes to which streamline and improve the narrative. Acts 3 & 4 were re-cut as well.

A list of missing effects shots was created, and Pony Horton has been working his way through them.

Mark and I are meeting again Friday to set the edit, and we will then get it to James for his notes/approval. Then after we have all the effects in, it is off to sound with Ralph Miller.

We have set an aggressive timeline for the end of December to have Kitumba complete, then it is up to James when this will be released.

I think you will all be pleased as "Kitumba" really is one of the best episodes, and James Cawley's final episode, so it deserves a proper treatment.

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