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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

Count said:
My first post here

Matt said:
With the 20th anniversary of Star Trek The Next Generation at hand, and the original series being remastered at this very moment with many episodes completed, I'm wondering if as soon as they complete the TOS remastering if they'll jump right on TNG?

The effects in TNG are still good enough for our era. Much of what we saw, like with TOS, was state of the art at the time, but converting TNG to 1080P HDTV suitable video might be a task.

Does anyone recall what TNG was shot on? Was it film, or tape? I remember at least all the effects were done via tape, which means that unfortunately those shots can't have much more detail to pull out of them in an upconversion.

The original Enterprise-D model was magestic to look at on TV. Tons of detail, yet sleek and realistic - Showing it's grace and size at the same time... The second model was a horse of a different color. It was beautiful, but the smaller scale and amount of sharp detail they added to it was very different than the original D.

The reason they scaled it smaller, to my knowledge, was so they could film more dramatic angles, because of the size and weight of the original made certain shots impossible. (I think.)

Anyway, with a digital model, they could duplicate to perfection the original Enterprise-D model, AND have all the detail that was lost on standard television revived via 1080P HDTV... The best of both worlds, pardon my pun. Smooth AND detailed.

OKAY, now onto the effects and shots of TNG...

Many ship shots appear with a glowing halo around the ships. I don't know if this was a problem with keying, or if it was a desired effect. It's very prominent in shots of the Romulan Warbird.

Because of some problem with either scaling or compositing, or perhaps some effects they added to it in post, all the ships appeared blurred and slightly glowing.

Also, the lighting is incorrect, coming from the wrong side.

TNG had more effects shots than TOS, so each episode of TNG would easily take twice as long and twice as much money to update.

There are MANY reused shots in TNG, however. For example, there are two well known shots of the Enterprise at warp. One shot is a closeup of the side of the Enterprise D, where you see the 'neck' while the ship is at warp.

Even the purists do have to admit that the Enterprise-D by Gabriel Köerner as it appears in Star Trek Enterprise's finale looks marvelous in comparison to the studio model, just because of the way the lights and shadows hit it, and the camera angles you can easily achieve with CG.

Anyway, with the success and wide appreciation of the TOS remastering, I think a TNG remastering is on the way. Hopefully the series was shot on film, so they can re-scan the film and convert it to HDTV soon.
First two seasons were shot on video, the last 5 were shot on film, which is why Evolution looked so much different in quality compared to Shades of Grey. No Trek were shot on video until Enterprise season 2 (I think). Seasons 2 and 3 look different because of a new cinematographer who brought in a different lighting scheme.
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