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Re: Happy 19th Birthday, Star Trek Generations!

cooleddie74 wrote: View Post
1994 was a wondrous time to be a Star Trek geek and fanatic. Whatever legimitate nitpicks one can make about Generations (and it was far from perfect in so many ways) it was a turning point in the franchise and provided me and no doubt many others with a lot of great and fun memories and of the way Star Trek was at the apex of its popularity and cultural impact in the nineties.
I liked your whole post, and agree. This was a wonderful time to be a Trek fan; 1994-1996 was probably the high point of my love for Trek. It was at its most mainstream (certainly here in the UK) and there was just a wave of optimism about how great Trek was, and what lay ahead in its future.

Generations premiered in the UK in Feb 1995. The build-up was huge, with lots of promotional tie-ins (e.g. with Weetabix), souvenir mags etc.

LOKAI of CHERON wrote: View Post
Particularly noteworthy are Dennis McCarthy's woefully underrated score and some top rate cinematography/lighting - the E-D bridge never looked so good.
QFT. The score is great.

BillJ wrote: View Post
For all its flaws, the biggest problem with Generations was how emotionally "flat" the losses of Kirk and the Enterprise felt. If they could've given those two bits more emotional "oomph", I think the film would be remembered much more fondly.
Definitely agree on the loss of the Enterprise. When compared to "The Search for Spock", something seems very 'off' about how casually it's trashed and the crew are almost indifferent.

Hober Mallow wrote: View Post
They forgot that the Enterprise herself was a character, and to have Picard just say, "Oh well, we all know we'll get an even better ship for Christmas!" was an absolute insult.
True, but I guess what they were trying to underscore was Picard has recognised that how one lives their life, the time spent with loved ones and treasured memories etc are more important than a physical item. To quote Data from "Ensigns of Command":

"It is a thing. And things can be replaced. Lives cannot."

Having said that, I do wish more had been made of the Enterprise's passing - actually, I wish it hadn't "passed" at all. They could've had it badly damaged and spruce it up for the next film with a good old refit (that would've given them the opportunity to ditch the families and children onboard, which they presumably didn't want to show when the Borg came a-calling in ST:FC).

Anyway, Happy Birthday "Generations". Not perfect, but a wonderful representation of a great time in my life.
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