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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi. I would like to introduce myself.

I'm a 30-year old Trekker from England. I actually come from a village about 5 miles away from Mirfield, where Patrick Stewart is from. I talk quite a lot like him, actually (only like a younger version).

My love is TNG, and also DS9 (season 3 onwards). I have a great respect for TOS, although can't claim to enjoy it anywhere near as much as later versions. When I finally get my hands on the high definition discs, I promise I will watch every single TOS episode, and no doubt enjoy them. For me (a picture quality freak), high def will make them more enjoyable.

Actually, I've never bought any DVDs of anything as I always knew high def would be on its way. (With the exception of TV shows shot on videotape.) I am going to patiently wait for TNG and DS9 to be remastered into high def. (I'm sure I'll have a long wait!) But I just find high definition so much more enjoyable than standard definition.

I have little respect for VOY, although don't get me wrong, I watched every episode and enjoyed many of them. I don't personally consider Enterprise to be part of the Star Trek universe. Although I know it is, really. I just found it very boring, and stopped watching it after the first couple of seasons.

My favourite character is Data (wow, how original!) and my favourite episodes are (probably):

Yesterday's Enterprise (season 3)
Future Imperfect (season 4)
Cause and Effect (season 5)
Ship in a Bottle (season 6)
Frame of Mind (season 6)
Tapestry (season 6)
Timescape (season 6)
Gambit (season 7)
All Good Things (season 7)
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