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Karl Urban: Kirk-Spock-McCoy TRIUMVIRATE

Is it so had for the writers to do this? I agree with Urban we need more kirk/spock/mccoy. I actually enjoy McCoy insulting Spock out of love and care.

Now before anyone tears into Uhura for taking McCoy's place. Let me just say that she did no such thing. JJ Abram's and his friends had always said from the get go that they were strictly telling A Kirk and Spock story. Noting else matters.

Even in the special features of STID there is a short documentary of the Kirk and Spock dymanic. Apparently Orci even likened their relationship to John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Uhura has just always been an easy target to attack because she is female and a WOC. She is no Yoko Ono.

I genuinely feel bad for Karl Urban. The writers did not invite him to join the fraternity yet Kirk and Spock got their invites and now the girl is to blame.

Is it just me but has anyone noticed that Karl Urban has not been happy with STID. First he says he want more originality in the next film and now he says he wants more kirk/spock/mccoy.

Karl is obviously been respectful but you can tell that he has not been happy with the outcome of STID.

I for one think they should change the writers.

Maybe, Keep Orci

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