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Re: Would you like for Chapel to appear in a new movie?

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To you, kirk and spock are the real true love because you love your slash fan fiction and you are a gay man.


How so?

Humans are androgynous. Our society hasn't "become" anything; it's merely started to accept that.

There are plenty of same-sex relationships throughout literature too. Shakespeare wrote some as he was in one.

It is.

Says you. When any biological concern is removed from the equation, it's not for you or anyone else to decide what is and is not a proper relationship.

They can't have interest in both?

Why can't you respect LGBT relationships?


Please where is the tolerance in that?
Once more with feeling:
Did you read my post?

I respect LGBT relationships. Like I said I don't insists that they turn gay characters straight. so why I people insisting that they make straight characters gay.

you are also dead wrong on the brothers things and you are showing your ignorance. this is the reason why a lot of parent are heavily counselled and some even go undergo psychological analysis when they are adopting a child.

when you adopt a child you are suppose to love the child as your own same goes for his adopted siblings. Them having sex is still incests.

Thor and Loki are brothers. please girls, stop perverting their relationship.

I am also embarrassed that you honestly think sex is the end point of every relationship. it just proves your ignorance again and shows how far decayed our society has become and you wonder why there are so many unwanted pregnancies, single mothers and STDs. Do people now even have a little standard of morality left? probably not.

Lastly there are not plenty of same sex relationship that is just media brain washing. Literature has always written the standard romantic relationship between a man and a woman. From much ado about nothing with Hero and Horatio to Romeo and Juilet, Lancelot and Guinevere, Robin Wood and Marian, Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.

Every great fundamental literature writer has always had a standard relationship between a man and women central to his story. films are not different.

borgboy: Are you aware that that slash has no substance and it is nothing more than a sexual fantasy for women. all slash fans are girls only and that does not say much for the pairings.

we have had this conversation before about how women get turned on when they see two men have sex. there is no substance in that.

I never cared for slash. I only started caring when the slash fans started attacking the loving heterosexual cannon pairings.
That will be enough soapboxing. If this is something you really want to talk about, start a thread about it (in a forum appropriate to the topic, as in: not this forum) or put it in a blog, but don't hijack a thread which is about something else.
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