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Re: What are you reading?

I do not read STAR TREK novels, as a rule, and I do not usually have time to read very often, anyway. Nevertheless ... currently, I am reading some older books, which I found ... in The Cheap Bin. One is STAR TREK: The Next Generation - "Foreign Foes." The other is "To Reign in Hell," a bridge between SPACE SEED and WRATH of KHAN.

Foriegn Foes has a certain charm about it, though that is damning it with faint praise, to be sure. It's not a literary achievement, by any standard. And yet, as I say, it has charm for being a hack job. To Reign in Hell I am totally unsure of. I started to read some of it, where the beginning involves Kirk/Spock/Bones taking a shuttle to go on leave with the aim of investigating Khan's former lifestyle on Ceta Alpha V ... the book has a nice cover, though!
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